Monday, October 20, 2014

Undone Amidst the Mundane

These past few weeks I have felt as if I have been living in this state of UNDONE in the Lord's presence.

It's not just in my quiet time in the morning.  Truthfully, it's mostly not in my quiet time, but right smack in the middle of breakfast, and then the drive to school, and then the drive home, and then while playing playdough with my little man, and then at lunch, and then when the text comes from my man to say "I love you," and then I'm undone.... and then undone again...and there are tears.  Tears over-- over-- I don't even know what--  other than the sheer glory of His Presence invading my space; my everyday mundane space.

He just rolls over me at nearly every moment of the day with the realization of His goodness and mercy in the midst of my mundane.  He is wrecking and has wrecked every plan I've ever made.  His plans for my days are bringing about the most inconvenient glorious living I've ever experienced.  His wrecking ball comes in and beautifies everything around me right now-- even the mundane places; even the hard places.

It looks like this...

Just moments ago I strolled down the sidewalk with my little man riding alongside on his pedal-less bike.  All of a sudden, this rush of love and goodness of God washed over me and right then the little bike rider tired out and said, "Hold you, Mama?" with arms outstretched for me to pick him up.  (He's two and only refers to himself as in the third person).  My heart nearly melts right on the ground. It's not because he's an angel-- in fact-- let's face it, he's solidly TWO!  Need I say more?!  

He eats cheese right off the block when he can't wait any longer for mom to come help shred it for him.  Lord, help me!

This morning, on the ride to school with my three buckled in behind me, I was quietly undone.

Here are these three siblings with no shared biological DNA laughing and giggling with one another. God knit them together in three other women's wombs, and then chose to give them all the same last name.

Undone.  How could He be so good?

The other night I volunteered with my oldest at her Middle School Fall Social activity.  I thought my heart was going to suffocate as I watched her navigate interacting with her friends, then come and hang with me, then again with her friends-- all new friends at a new school.  And when they didn't look for her when she was with me, the mama bear in me wanted to go ask them if they'd include her.  NOT COOL MOM!  My inner voice of reason screamed.  I listened...this time.

She stood by me co-hosting the s'mores table.  

My little big girl, still full of so much innocence, wanted to be by her Mama.  I'm not yet totally uncool.  Oh Jesus, may I never be totally uncool...I don't know if I could handle that.  She  preferred my company at that moment to the company of her new friends.  I struggled to hold back the tears at the thought.

In retrospect, it's possible she may have had ulterior motives that may have had something to do with more s'mores for her.... I'm going to pretend it was less about the chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow goodness and more about time with Mom.  Yeah.  That's what I'm going with.  


My second-born, my tender-hearted, fashion-savvy, funny girl rides in the car with me on her way to school.  We're just riding along when  I tell her I love her.  She says she loves me more.  I tell her I love her the mostest.  She doubles that.  Quickly we are laughing and competing for the way to say I love you more than you could possibly ever love me.  I catch a glimpse of her giant smile in the rear-view mirror.

Undone.  I'm undone.

He reminds me that in His grace and mercy (both to my man and I and to our children) He has rescued them by placing them into our arms and our hearts.  He reminds me that I haven't always remembered (and still often forget) the privilege it is to be a Mama.  To be THEIR Mama.

He reminds me that we have three precious ones we sponsor through Compassion International who are in hard places, navigating life as they swim upstream against the current of generational poverty and hopelessness.

He whispers, "Because I have given them to you to sponsor, they have a hope that will never cease. They have the hope of salvation.  Their eternity is or will be secure, and their tummies will not be hungry.  Because I have entrusted them to you to sponsor, they will be protected from so much evil they see and others experience all around them."


I don't always think this way, but it has become a trend over the past month.  I am thankful to be undone by His grace and goodness.

Yet, at 4:00 p.m. in the middle of dinner prep when everything and everyone in my house is combusting,  I'm praying to remember these moments and the tenderness of each, in order than I might demonstrate grace to my littlest disciples who are watching me so closely that it terrifies me.

Where are you finding yourself UNDONE as His presence invades your mundane?  Is He wrecking your plans?  Are you allowing Him to do whatever He wills in and through you?  What is that looking like?  I'm dying to know, dear reader.  And those that read here will be encouraged, challenged, and given fresh wind in their sail as they read your answers.  So please don't leave without leaving an answer in the comments section to at least one of the above questions. We need your voice on this too.

I am thankful you continue to join me on this journey and never take for granted that you choose to spend a few moments letting my words enter your world.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pep Talk Time

Because sometimes you need a pep talk.  You just do.  And that was my plan last night.  My plan was to show up at Worship and the Word and give a pep talk to  those who came.

Just one week ago I was together with 50+ women in the mountains.  I was leading our time together.  The theme was In the Now and In the Not Yet...Be Brave.  I preached on being brave in both the now and the not yet.  I did my best to lead bravely.  I watched as my sisters and friends led and taught bravely.  And yet, anyone who could see behind the curtain of my heart -- my team, my dear friends, my cabin mates-- saw that I wasn't feeling brave.  In fact, it appeared that I was coming apart at the seams under the weight of what God was asking me to lead women to know and experience of His Spirit.

On our last night together I sat in my cabin, computer open, thoughts rushing like a river yet my thoughts were fruitless.  One by one, sister by sister that was lodging in my cabin, came in.  They listened, weighed in, encouraged, then they did something that shifted everything.  They circled around me, laid their hands on me, and prayed.  I wept.  It was this holy moment and we all recognized we were on holy ground together.  My mind got quiet and my spirit became still.  And through the prayers and friendship of my sisters, the Holy Spirit began to blow fresh wind in my sail.  Not in big gusts so as to set me sailing on my course, but in a soft gentle breeze causing me to move gently forward on His course.

And then we got our pjs on, crawled into bed, and slept.  The sun rose and I had hoped to wake with renewed courage and joy.  Instead I awoke with a dull headache and this verse that I had preached the day before echoing in my head:

Nothing like the Holy Spirit preaching back to you, that thing you just preached!  -- This, however, seems to be my lot right now-- to teach something only to have Him teach it right back to me.--
I awoke with this verse and the headache, and then God did that last morning, what He had promised He would do.  He showed up in power, just as He had promised He would.

Fast forward one week and one day as I prepare to lead our monthly Worship &the Word gathering where a small number of women consistently gather together once a month.  I had planned a sort of pep talk, thinking, These ladies have just weathered a week after coming off of a mountain top experience.  They are in need of a pep talk right about now to impart some courage.  

Turns out, I was the one that got pep-talked.  Driving over to the office I was tired.  I hated leaving my family this particular Sunday evening.  My family had been stretched and it was looking like it wasn't going to let up anytime soon and I was feeling weary and missing just being with my little tribe.  As I drove I prayed, 

Jesus, I need to know this is worth it.  This monthly gathering isn't growing in numbers-- and I realize that numbers are not the sole or even the best measure of growth-- but we've consistently been this tiny little group.  Why?  Do women not need this?  And if they don't need it, then why are You and I still doing this together?  Can I stop doing this each month?  Jesus, I need to know that the cost to all involved in teaching and leading and all our families is worth it for your Kingdom.  Are lives being transformed as a result of what we do here month in and month out?  I need to know that this is a valuable investment of my time and my leaders time.  I don't ever want to just do things because it's on the schedule to do them.  I'm trying to determine what are my best this a best Yes choice?

I wasn't trying to be whiny, I was simply needing to know that we weren't just feeding the well-fed to get fatter spiritually.  I have believed for over a year that we would grow to a gathering of women each month that would out-grow our space.  Every month we set up way more than enough tables and chairs-- prophetically, I suppose.  :)

So I showed up and so did nearly 12 other sisters that are so dear to my heart.  I began by putting the question before them:  I need to know.  I need you to be honest.  Is this time together transforming your life?  Yes or No.  If it is, tell me how.

One by one they began to share.  Bit by bit, the Holy Spirit spoke and affirmed the He was not finished with this work and that I was to continue and not quit.  Truth is, I kind of was hoping they would say it wasn't transforming their lives and that I'd be off-the-hook.  We could stop meeting monthly, God could lead them into various small groups, and I could move on with my life-- Ok, so maybe that sounds dramatic, but it's where I was at let's just be honest; sometimes quitting is just so much easier than staying the course.

The conversation wrapped up and then I proceeded to play this video by Kid President (love this kid):

I know what you're thinking, Didn't you watch and prepare to show this video and know the content?  Yes.  Yes I did.

The teaching that followed this came from Christine Caine's talk that she gave at the If:Gathering last year-- also incredibly pep-talky.

By the end of the evening, it appeared that God had called the small group of these ladies together to witness me getting pep talked.  And you know, sometimes being Brave in the Now looks like a bunch of those you are leading watching you get pep-talked while you're trying to pep-talk them.

Are you in need of a pep talk today?  What are some areas that you've been called to where you are just flat out weary?  What are you wanting to quit?  Is God releasing you from that season or is He asking you to persevere for the sake of souls in need of what you're leading/doing?

Please comment below -- I'd love to hear from you and it's a chance for you all to encourage one another!  If you've read this, please leave your comment so I know you've been here!  :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Brave in the Thrift Store...

Tonight I'm going to keep it short...and brief...and short... and I might cheat by linking to an older post.  The truth is, I am rising before the sun tomorrow morning (yes-- tomorrow, as in Saturday-- as in "National Sleep-in Day")  along with several powerhouse women who are leading strong in their areas of giftedness.  My Refresh 2014 team and I will gather together at 5:15 a.m. tomorrow morning.  All of this is a Brave blog for another day that has nothing to do at all with today's blog.  Other than the fact that it has to do with this idea of keeping this entry brief, short, and maybe cheating a little....

So here's the brave in the now for today.

Sometimes the bravest thing in my month is heading to the thrift store with a specific list of items I'm hunting for along with my two-year old busy boy in-tow.  Now anyone who knows Thrift Store Shopping (I prefer to call it Boutique shopping--where else can you find a billion brands in various sizes in one place?!) knows that it takes a certain level of hunting skill, matched with determination, and a significant quantity of time.  An aversion to spending more than $5-10 on any one item is also an asset in this kind of shopping experience.  Throw in a vocal, confident, always-in-motion 2 year old and you had better get some courage up before exiting the car to enter the store.

I typically go to the Thrift stores in search of a few specific items and today was no exception.  My list included:
For Max: Pajamas, sweatshirts, and possibly boots and snow pants
For the girls: Jeans, fleece lined jeans, leggings, and possibly winter boots
For me: a pair of riding boots, possibly a new sports bra, and maybe a new top

Today Max had a list of his own that included a bus.  This was something that he became obsessed with throughout our entire 2.5 hours in the store and there was no bus in sight on the toy shelf.  There wasn't even anything that closely resembled a bus!  We have some interesting adventures this little man and I...feel free to click over to A Fish Hook and a Full Moon to read of yet another (much more exciting) trip to the Thrift Store.

My point is, it takes a bit of gumption to decide to take a two year old to the thrift store (a store that relies 100% on people bringing in their random junk) with a fairly specific list.  It takes even more bravery to take said-child into the fitting room after shopping for 2 hours so that I can try on my finds.  The fitting room experience always involves waiting for that one woman who just wanted the fitting room  that is for handicap people and/or moms with small children.  Waiting for that chic to come out is a given.

The thing is, even after getting into the more spacious fitting room, you're faced with the challenge of trying to contain the busy child.  The goal is never complete containment; that would be impossible. The goal is merely to maintain relatively safe boundaries that generally include, but are not limited to keeping them from crawling out the space between the floor and the door (nearly didn't succeed in this one today); ensuring they do not lay on or eat things off of the floor (failed today), and keeping them from playing with/opening the lock on the door (also in the fail category today-- fortunately I was fully clothed when the locks on the door became the object of interest aka. preferred escape route.

 You see, this taking Max with me to do a seemingly meaningless task, was my brave thing today.  Why?  Because I am committed to living a life where we are wise and frugal with our finances-- which, for us, means that nearly 95% of my clothing shopping is done at thrift shops with Max, the Torndao, in tow.  It was brave because it wasn't convenient-- it wasn't a convenient time of day, nor was it convenient to drive across town to the thrift store today.  But I knew that Max needed new Pajamas, I was looking for a few things myself.  And so, I headed out to the thrift store, trusting God had read my list of things I was looking for.
As it turns out He heard and answered me.  I'll let the pictures tell you the story:
I know it's hard to see, but in this pile are two pairs of jeans (one fleece lined), two baby boy sweathsirts, baby boy snow boots. 3 setns of pajamas, a pair of Jeggings for me,  practically new riding stiyle boots

Cowgirl jeans and a super cute sweatshirt fop for daddy 

These boots were the find of the entire trip.  I have been looking diligently for some fun type boots that I could potentially wear this winter for every day and look at what kind of boot were sitting there on that shelf.

All that to say that sometimes its in the seemingly small things in life that we need to be reminded of the greatest thing --Jesus and we need to take courage and be brave right there in the moment.  It would've cost me so much more if I had said No to Jesus on this one.  I couldn't believe how many things I was able to knock right off my list and then there was still a meetnng schedule to tell them that I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet both one day.

What small brave thing is God calling you out on?  Have you said yes?  If so, tell us about what that is looking like for you in this season.  2.)If you've said no or I'm not ready yet, Lord....why are you saying this? Are you a thrift store shopper?  What has been the best "find" you've found lately?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

But I'm not Brave

My oldest sunk down into the seat on the couch beside me.  Her shoulders slumped as she said, "Mom, I'm not brave."
I was ready to give her a litany of example as to where she had exemplified bravery when I stopped and simply ask, "What do you mean, honey?"
"I mean..." she began, "It's just that I'm always afraid to do brave things or to be brave."

Brave.  What does the word even mean? I was trying to think quick to come up with words to encourage her when I began to realize that her definition of brave was not a correct definition.  She said that she was always afraid to do brave things or to be brave, and yet, anytime she had been asked to step up in situations that would require courage, she almost never even hesitated.  And it made me wonder how are we defining this catchy word that hangs on our walls in word art print, or dangles around our necks in symbols like arrows or in word on a bracelet or necklace?  It seems that it is not a problem with our bravery, but rather a confusion as to what that actually even means.

While some definitions will say that being brave is to act in such a way that shows courage without a trace of fear,  I prefer the following two definitions:

1.) brave- to take/act in courage in the face of fear
2.) bravea fighting spirit

At any given time, our courage is bound to fail us and it is here where we get our fighting spirit-- in the courage failure.  
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
When our brave fails is where His Spirit in us operates best in great displays of courage.  So might I lay this premise before you-- Where there is fear and trepidation is where God's power is best displayed in manifest bravery through us.

What brave thing has He been calling you to step out in and you feel fearful?   Has there been a time where you felt afraid and jumped in anyway only to find a brave fighting spirit rising up inside of  you?

Just this past weekend I was in that place with 50 of my friends and sisters-in-Christ.  We'll save those stories for another day, but suffice to say, He calls us out beyond our comfort zone so that when we are brave, we know that we know that we know it's because we have this fighting Spirit living inside of us.

And so I looked my oldest in the eye and I said, "Being brave is not about not being afraid of something.  Being brave means you're afraid of something, but then you do it anyway..."

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Brave

*Artwork by Emily Rempel, amazing artist and dear friend
It was a summer day in Scarborough, Maine.  I was 6 years old and the driveway from the house to the mailbox must have been at least 1 mile long. Ok, so truly it was probably no longer than 1/4 mile long, but when you are 6 and riding without training wheels on an American Flag banana seat bike, that 1/4 mile seems like the road to freedom and independence.  

Mom had sent me down to the mailbox to pick up the mail. I was itching for adventure. The wind blowing my blonde ponytails bolstered my courage and I was feeling it-- it was time for me to step up my bike-riding skills.  I was rocking it on two-wheels. I was confident.  No wobble in the front tire. I gathered the mail from the box, placed it in my left hand, grabbed the handle bars and started back toward the house.  Suddenly, I felt something rising in my chest. It was this insatiable drive to up the challenge as well as the risk factor. It was time to be brave.  

I peddled faster to get momentum and increase my balance.  Then slowly, I began to release my grip from the left handle bar.  My left hand now fully gripping the mail and nothing else...I was riding one-handed!  My red felt ribbon bows and blonde pigtails whipping in the wind, right hand on the handle bars for balance I sat up a little straighter.  Today was the day, I decided in that moment.  I never have been one for planning--kind of a spur of the moment girl from birth-- Today I was going to get brave-- braver than I'd ever been before.  Today I was going to ride no-handed.  The thought passed through my mind in an instant and suddenly, before I was even fully balanced I released my right hand from the handle bars.  

My fanny firmly squarely set on that sweet red, white, and blue banana seat.  I sat up straighter.  My heart was racing.  I was doing it.  I was riding on two wheels with no hands!  Before I could even allow a celebratory smile to cross my lips, my square balance gave-way to off-balance.  The front wheel zigged and my body zagged and next thing I knew I was on the ground in a pile on top of the mail with a broken arm screaming for my mama.

To be honest with you, that's kind of exactly how I feel as I jump into this 31 days of blogging link up challenge for the month of October.  There's this deep sense of "it's time to get brave" joined along with a desire to lay on the ground in a pile screaming for my mama.

While I no longer wear the pigtails, and have more than mastered the art of two-wheeled bike riding-- heck, I've even mastered riding no-handed-- the sense of exhilaration over this step of getting brave in writing feels nearly exactly the same as that fateful day of my first brave act and my first broken bone. In my writing, I feel the need to up the risk factor, I am excited at the idea of putting words down for you, dear reader and for my own processing.  However, I'm terrified that my life might just zig when my writing needs to zag and I might end up in a pile of rubble 1/2 way through this challenge.  That's the honest truth.

Nonetheless, I'm in.  I'm in for 31 days of writing here in this space.  31 days of writing on the most current theme in my life, 
In the Now, and in the Not Yet...Be Brave.

Will you join me?  I promise, not all posts will be this wordy or introspective.  I pray that many posts fuel your own BRAVE in the Now of your life as well as in the Not Yet of days to come.  And I promise that there will be a few posts about silly things like the brave fashion I'm considering and you should too, or the brave things my kids are doing, that time my family was brave and ate that thing I made that was just flat-out not-edible...

I can't promise these will be specific topics, but I wanted to give you an idea.  What kinds of things are you finding you'd like for me to write on with regard to what it looks like to Be Brave in the Now and the Not Yet of your life?  Help a sista out-- there are 31 days of writing to do for crying out loud-- any help with content is much appreciated and I'd love to hear what you're hoping to glean from reading in this space!

Will you journey with me?  I'd so love to hear from you if you do!
Here. We. Go!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Thursday Picks #6 (on Friday)

This is Thursday picks on Friday and apparently I'm not great at keeping all of the rules.  In fact, last night we had double carbs (pasta and bread) and NO SALAD gasp!  And this afternoon I had bread and cheese
for lunch...not pizza (although that's pretty much the same thing, isn't it?!).  I blame it on spending the first part of my life growing up in Portland, Maine where I frequented this pizza place with my family called Lisa's Pizza.  
Lisa's Pizza Old Orchard Beach
   Old Orchard Beach
At Lisa's Pizza they served Pizza with a big side of pier fries (aka. krinkle cut french fries) drowned in salt and malt vinegar.  Oh and then don't forget the fried dough (or Indian Fry bread or elephant ears as you westerners have mis-named this heart-stopping delicacy) for dessert!  Pretty much, what you're hearing me say here, is that my rule breaking can be directly correlated to my days spent eating at Lisa's pizza.  
Now that we've established the cause of this one particular dysfunction of rule-breaking and posting Thursday pics on Friday without any kind of conscience, let's get on with it, shall we?!
Starting with books!

The Best Yes by Lisa TerKeurst I have not yet even cracked the cover on this one, but I can not wait to dive in.  This is speaking to so many women on so many levels who are struggling with feeling stretched beyond reason for no good reason other than the fact that we seem to say yes too often to too many things! Lisa's an incredible writer, story-teller and has an awesome sense of humor.  You can check out her video preview to her book study on this book as well here as well!

The Ragamuffin Gospel  -     By: Brennan Manning
The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning "Though lip service is paid to the gospel of grace, many Christians live as if only personal discipline and self denial will mold the perfect me.  The emphasis is on what I do rather than on what God is doing.  In this curious process God is a benign old spectator in the bleachers who cheers when I show up for morning quiet time."  
Do I even need to say any more about this rich book that has been on my shelf for years and now I am taking the time to devour?!  Check it out, it is life-shifting and soul-challenging on so many levels.

Waiting Well (from the Story of Marriage Series by John and Lisa Bevere) taught by Hannah Cusack who works at Messenger International and is an incredible powerhouse of a prayer warrior and Jesus lover! Incredible podcast on what happens to grow our faith in the waiting seasons!

Coffee With Chris (by Christine Caine and friends) is my all-time favorite go-to for great advice on leadership, living out the call(s) God has placed on your life, and all-around sound Biblical in-your-face truth about how to live your life on-mission for the Kingdom!  In this episode Chris interviews Executive Pastor of Faith Community Church (also Boston Marathoner/avid runner/athlete) Dawn Jackson.  Definition of Rest was a powerful reminder which delves into the importance of training wisely and resting wisely in order to build the necessary muscles for a particular race/mission.


Selah, You Amaze Us album is incredible!  This is my current favorite off this new release but you can listen to songs from the entire album at this link!

Hillsong Worship, No Other Name Album is brand new from Hillsong Worship and the entire thing is incredible!  Click the link here to listen

& more...

These are some of my favorite clothes (on sale at right now), recipes, and the shirt Jennie Allen was wearing at the IF:Gathering in Austin that I am obsessed with and cannot find anywhere...  Here goes:

Amy Lace Accent Tank from Ruche in the Under $20 category

Global travels Medallion Necklace From Ruche for just $14.50!!

Tulum Beaded Earrings from Ruche $9.50

Take if From Here Dress- From Ruche $29.50

Ok people, Jennie had this shirt on at IF and I love love love it!  I have looked and looked and looked online to find one like it and can not find anything like it anywhere!  Anyone know where I can get one of these?  Help a sister out!!
*Jennie Allen, friends in the Ausint area, anyone who has a connection to where to find this kind of top...if you're reading this...cause I'm so sure you are....where can I find this?!
Hey, it's worth a shot!  :)

lettuce wraps
Kelly Minter's Lettuce Wraps

Mini Blueberry Galettes- From The Pioneer Woman web site-  These are easy as pie!  No really, they are!  I am not by nature a person who makes/bakes desserts for my family for after dinner but decided I needed to use up some blueberries that would otherwise spoil before they could all be consumed by my family.  I was able to whip these up in approx. 10 min flat!  And I'm not known for my speed in anything other than--possibly a foot race.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Picks #5

If taking a nap on a boat could be a part of my Thursday Picks would be.  This afternoon I had the most glorious nap on a pontoon boat.  It's summer-time and I rarely nap with the fast pace of family time in summer, but today was the mother of all naps.  The sound of the lapping water, the warm sun, music on my ipod...

But enough about glorious napping.  I have just a few things for you this week, but they are worth checking out for sure!  Here is this week's Thursday Picks!  Enjoy!

We're starting with blogs this week because I can hardly contain myself about this particular blog.  I came accross this one this week and fell in love with it!  If you love organizing things (I don't) or if you are organizationally challenged (I am) this is such a super fun blog for real people living in real homes with real families!  This has been a go-to for me recently and has some great easy ideas to stream-line your organizing!!

A bunch of my favorite Gospel loving, people loving, world changing chics are on a trip to Rawanda together with International Justice Mission.  The team includes, Jennie Allen, Jen Hatmaker, Wynne Elder, Jessica Honneger (founder of Noonday Collection), and several others.  They are each taking turns blogging their adventure here:

Ok, BEST current start-(or finish)-my-run song.  Heck, it's even awesome in the middle of the run.  Brave seems to be a theme lately and I'm embracing it!  Plus, I love just about anything by Shawn McDonald

This one by for King & Country has been played over and over on one of my favorite Radio Stations AIR1, but I can not ever get enough of it!  Love this song and reminder.  Plus, Max is awesome at singing along with the intro part-- OOOoooohh  Ooooohhh Oooohh :)


Messenger International is a ministry I have come to know and love.  A few weeks ago, Hannah Cusack, Messenger staff member and amazing prayer warrior woman taught a session on Waiting Well.  You can listen here by clicking on Hannah's picture.  So worth the listen!

Alright, that's it for this week.  I am still working my way through the previously listed books and will update with books as I wrap up the current reading list!

Happy happy Thursday, friends!  I'd love to hear, what from this list, you are loving.  Comment below!